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4 reasons why you shouldn’t watch TV while eating

After a long day at work, watching TV at the end of the day helps me to relax (even though I spend nine hours in front of a computer). And so, I make it a point to watch TV  while having my dinner as it helps me to unwind myself ...

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10 health benefits of sardines (tarli/matti)

If you ask any fish-loving pescatarian living on the Konkan coast of India about sardines, be prepared to get a puzzled look; ask them about tarli, chaala, matti or pedwa, and their eyes will light up. This little fish with silvery scales and a longish body does not enjoy the ...

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All you need to know about Huma Qureshi’s detox diet paln

Huma Qureshi looks prettier than ever in her new film Jolly LLB. The actress has transformed into a better and fitter version of herself, and has managed to put the spotlights on her. Are you wondering how one manages to look that gorgeous? The beautiful Huma has embarked on a ...

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