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Gudi Padwa special – Health and beauty benefits of neem and jaggery

Gudi Padwa or Ugadi marks the beginning of spring and is considered a very auspicious time.  While Maharashtrians tie a gudi and eat a mixture of neem and a bit of jaggery to herald the new year, down south, people in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra celebrate it as Ugadi and distribute bevu-bella (neem ...

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Master fitness trainer Kaizzad Capadia talks about bodybuilding and Bollywood

Read this in Hindi. If you were wondering where your personal trainer has learnt the tricks of the trade, then it is quite possible that he has learnt it at K11 Fitness Academy, which has been co-founded by Kaizzad Capadia. At the recently concluded BodyPower Expo 2015, we spoke to ...

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10 shocking food facts by Kaizzad Capadia that will change the way you eat!

Our staple diet usually consists of dal, rice, chapati and those of us who are ‘health conscious’ probably skip adding ghee on our rotis, gorge on fruits and when we want to indulge in our cravings, opt for the ‘diet’ or baked versions of our favourite snacks. What if you ...

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