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Fitness plan day 341 – Add a bowl of fruits to your morning diet

Both exercise and eating right should go hand in hand. You can’t escape or skip one and expect good results. It’s your lifestyle and daily habits that need to be changed if you want to stay fit and healthy for life. Morning – The best way to start your day ...

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Fitness plan day 342 – Get a good pillow for good sleep

The weather may be cold but if you can practice waking up early and exercising early morning, it can be a boost to your fitness routine. Go for a jog, or walk your dog. You can even soak in some vitamin D when you step out early morning. Morning – ...

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Is it unhealthy to heat honey?

Drinking a glass of warm water and honey the first thing in the morning is what most of us have been doing for years now. It helps in weight loss and aids in clearing toxins from the body. However, have you ever wondered if it is healthy to add honey ...

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