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Healthy dessert recipe: Adadiya Pak

Whether it is Diwali, Dassera, Holi, Ganpati, Onam, Lohri or any other festival, have you noticed how Indians make specific festive recipes for specific festivals? Each of these festivals is celebrated at different times of the year, during different seasons. The desserts, savoury food and even prasad items are made with ...

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How soups can help you with weight loss

If you are planning to follow a soup diet to lose weight, then let me tell you doing it right is the key! Unlike other fad diets that most of us are crazy about (to stay fit and slim), soups are a healthy and nutritious way to lose weight. To help ...

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Healthy dessert recipe – Coconut apple barfi

Indulgence during festivals is almost a given. There is no harm in occasional indulgence, of course, but the trick lies in selecting the right foods. For instance, maida and sugar can completely ruin your weight loss goals. The best bet would be to replace maida and sugar with healthier ingredient ...

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