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Healthy recipe for gout: Multigrain paratha

Those who suffer from gout will agree that living with the condition is frustrating in more ways than one. When there is too much uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia), it crystallises and accumulates on the joints. What follows is inflammation, redness, swelling and stiffness. The pain and inconvenience aside, ...

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Is starving all day to binge eat at night a good idea?

You’ve obviously done this several times before or at least know of someone who has. There is a big night out plan, a party or wedding to attend in the evening and you starve yourself all day or eat as less as possible to hog on the delicious food or ...

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My family is forcing me to become a raw vegan. Is it healthy? (Query)

I am a 28-year-old software engineer. I come from a south Indian Brahmin household where non-vegetarian food was strictly banned. But today they have made a transition from veganism to raw veganism for health and spiritual reasons after they started following a guru who advocates this lifestyle. They eat only ...

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