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3 Week Diet to Lose 10 Pounds

An invitation to attend friend’s wedding or a college reunion can be very exciting for most of us. At the same time thoughts of dressing and presenting ourselves in a attracting way may give us some stress, especially for those who face tough times managing their weight.

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Losing weight is always considered as a slow process but effective diet plan can help to shed up to 10 pounds easily in 3 weeks time.
Do your homework

Before you start you weight management program, a little homework is required to be done. Understand your calorie need with the help of a calorie counter. You just need to put your age, height, weight and gender details and you will get a fair idea about your calorie need.
After doing your home work on calorie need, plan your diet carefully. Include healthy and nutritious meals, containing less saturated fat and sugar. Add more of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Non vegetarians should restrict themselves of very lean proteins, such as skinless chicken, turkey breast, egg whites, whey powder, fish and vegetables. Small amount of whole grains, like wheat bread, brown rice and fortified cereal, as well as nonfat dairy items, should be given preference in your diet plan.

Make sure your eat breakfast

Breakfast are generally skipped because of hectic work schedules or sometime we think that way we will eat less unfortunately when we skip our breakfast, we end up eating more as our appetite doubles till we reach mid of the day. To lose weight fast one should opt for a healthy breakfast rich in fruits, salads and skimmed milk.

Be a fruit lover

Include fruits in your diet except banana. Prefer fruits which are less sweet like apple, papaya, water melon and citrus fruits. Your day should start with a plate full of different fruits, which will give you a filling feel and at the same time you will get sufficient nutrition  .

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Enjoy your food when you eat it, slow down the speed of eating. It helps in eating less at the same time we are not denying food. Take your time to relish food and cut on calories. You should avoid eating while watching TV or surfing on internet as it makes you eat more than required. JESSICA PETERSON/GETTY IMAGES

Quit Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages give you extra calories intake. Two beers a night can count more than 2,000 calories a week—almost an extra day’s worth, which will take more than 2 hours of treadmill exercise to burn that off. Replace your alcoholic drinks with some healthy options of green or cinnamon tea and see the difference.

Water- your friend

Start your days with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey. Throughout the day drink plenty of water. You can also substitute water with fresh juices and coconut water. Always avoid canned juices and carbonated beverages which have high sugar content adding calories to your diet.

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Stay active

Apart from diet planning one should stay active to achieve fitness. Try to do your work yourself, wash your clothes, tidy your apartment and bring your vegetables yourself rather than ordering online. These small tasks will help you to remain busy and active and you will get rid of extra cravings that you frequently feel. At the same time it boosts your metabolic rate which helps in consuming taken calories.

Plan for your weekend

Weekend is monsters for people who want to lose weight fast. All your efforts of losing weight may turn zero on a single weekend. People generally end up taking four times more calories during weekends. Outing with friend and relatives and parties make us forget about weight. Careful planning for food during weekend is a must to do work if you want to lose weight in three weeks.

Sound sleep

Sleep right to keep your body fit. Sleep pattern greatly influence our metabolic rate, A regular habit of sleeping in time and waking up in time will keep boost your metabolism and the calories which you have taken will be burnt on a higher rate.
So next time you come to know about an event which is coming up in 3-4 weeks, don’t worry, plan and work on your decided diet. Follow these necessary recommendations and enhance your personality and confidence in just three weeks. Be determined you can make it happen.

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