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5 science-backed reasons why you SHOULD have caffeine

  • Here’s some good news for you caffeine junkies. There is no need to go off your daily cuppa because science has your back! Turns out drinking your caffeinated beverages may have some health benefits. So, before you go off tea and coffee, here are 5 reasons why caffeine can (surprisingly) be good for your health and no, it doesn’t include coffee enemas.

  • It improves your memory: Have a test coming up? Then drink up! A study conducted by the researchers at John Hopkins University has found that drinking coffee can act as a memory enhancer. It says that the caffeine improves the memory for 24 hours after it is consumed. [1]

  • Caffine can be used to treat Parkinson’s: A study showed that drinking four-five cups of coffee in a day can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease by a half. Another revealed that caffeine had ameliorative effects on co-ordination functions of those suffering from Parkinson’s. [2] [3]

  • Caffeine is a good muscle fuel: If you are a workout junkie, fuel yourself after your gym sessions with a cup of black coffee. According to a study published in Journal of Applied Physiology, in combination with carbs, caffeine helped in retaining 66 percent more glycogen, which helps the muscles recover faster. [4]

  • It can lower diabetes risk: A 2014 study showed that people who increased their coffee consumption over a four-year period had an 11 percent lower chance of diabetes risk than those who didn’t. [5]

  • It can make you lightening fast and more logical: No surprises here but caffeine can reduce your reaction time, make you more logical and help you be more vigilant, even when you are sleep deprieved. There’s a 2015 study that validates that. [6]

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