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8 Ways to Reward Yourself Without Food

Humans differ from one another in a number of ways, some starve while some keep on gulfing the food. But the thing is every bite you take has a direct effect on your body. Some changes take years to show while some takes few days to hours to show. So it is high time you maintain a healthy eating habits and a fixed time for eating. Having a breakfast, lunch or dinner is compulsory but other than this, the midnight snacks, grabbing a pizza while watching TV or crawling on the sofa with potato chips and a novel during holiday, such habits are very dangerous to the body. So, instead invest your free time into activities that will benefit you rather than damage you. 8 of the best activities are listed below:

  1. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to reward yourself. Practicing yoga on a daily basis will improve your overall mind and body in a number of ways. The body will become more flexible, the skin start glowing and the best part is you will get a relaxed mind.

  1. Puzzles

Instead of indulging in unhealthy eating habits and damaging your own body, invest your time in solving puzzles. You can easily find puzzles everywhere from a magazine to newspaper to an app in your phone. Spend your time solving the puzzles and enhance creativity, concentration and memory. Above all, it will increase your patience level too.

  1. Gardening

Everyone enjoys greenery so it will be great if you know how to can create it. If you have a lawn, plant some seasonal flower plants or even a seasonal vegetable. And if your lawn is big enough, convert it into a vegetable garden, you will get to eat organic plus it will save your money. The colorful vegetables in the nearby store are loaded with pesticides and fertilizers. They are hazardous. So practice gardening and eat the most organic vegetables. The steps included in gardening are also a part of exercise that will consume the extra fat in your body.

  1. Household chores

It covers a long list of activities you hand out to your helper. But if you are free, then why should you? Wash your top that is recommended for a hand wash, the care you take will not be comparable to the care taken by your helper while washing it. Do the dustings or arrangement of your own shelves or drawer you will not require longer time in finding anything later. This will drive your boredom and keep you active. Engaging on such activities everyday will keep your body fit.


  1. Walking

An evening walk with your partner or a friend is as much refreshing as an evening tea or a coffee. The only difference is that the cup of caffeine with sugar will color your teeth while the walk will increase your rate of metabolism. So why not invest our time into things that benefit us. Every doctor recommends atleast 20 minutes of walk per day to reduce the risks of modern diseases which leads to obesity. So an evening walk is one of the best ways to spend time.


  1. Cooking Food

The easily available food has a lot of preservatives in it. These preservatives are very harmful to the health. So instead of depending on such foods, start cooking. You know your body type better than anyone else, so prepare the ingredients according to it. This will make improve your diets in a number of ways and the best thing is, it will be hygienic as you will take lots of care while preparing your own food. In addition to it, the little movements you make while preparing the food is better than sitting lying on a sofa and watching a drama.

  1. Photography

It will be hard to find a phone without camera these days. So why don’t you take full advantage of it, go to your favorite hangout place or a beautiful location in your city and make full use of your camera. Try to find happiness in doing such things. It will take away your habit of sitting at home and indulging into unnecessary food or hanging out in food corners and grabbing all those oil.

  1. Dancing

It is the dream of every human to have a good figure. But very few people go for workout, that too when they have no more options other than it. So why wait for this last option when you could make things easier just by spending half an hour of your day in dancing. This will help you I many ways like relaxing your mind, increasing your flexibility or burning those extra fats.

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