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All You Need to Know About HCG diet Plan

HCG diet plan is a weight loss diet plan which is being quite popular nowadays because it claims to reduce weight effectively on an average of 1 pound per day. The easy diet plan works to stimulate other body hormones and thus those hormones helps in improving the metabolic rate and increasing the daily calorie burn.

Emergence of HCG diet plan

The HCG diet plan was brought into existence by Dr. ATW Simeons and it was initially written as “Pounds and Inches: A Guide to weight Loss”. Dr. Simeons invented the healthy diet plan to illustrate the difference between being skinny and healthy along with the bad effects of obesity on health.

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What does HCG stand for?

HCG is the short form of Human Choriogonadotropin, a catalyst hormone which is produced in men and women both but is largely secreted in women during pregnancy. It is referred as a catalyst hormone because all hormones in the body get stimulated by the HCG hormone tending to an improved metabolic rate, digestion system and other crucial body functions. This healthy diet meal plan aims toward an appropriate production of hormones in the body to let all the organs function properly and continuously because production of hormones plays an important part in a healthy weight loss.

HCG products:

HCG is a low-calorie diet plan that includes some norms for weight loss program known as Dr Simeon’s protocol according to which you should choose even your skin care products carefully (basically oil-free products) when you are on HCG diet plan. The protein diet plan consists of 500 calorie intake per day with the consumption of HCG through drops, sprays or pellets.

HGC products

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HCG diet intake:

You will have to consume two meals per day (lunch and dinner) containing one vegetable, one fruit, one protein and a bread.
Strawberries, blueberries, oranges, apple and grapefruits are marked as suitable fruits to eat in a weight loss plan. Any vegetables which contain iron, folic acid and micronutrients can be taken through meals and sugars, oil and butter are restricted in the diet plan.

below is a list of prescribed edibles mentioned in HCG diet plan.


Vegetables Spinach, beans, celery, cucumber, onion, tomato, Radish and fennel
Fruits Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, orange, apple, grapefruit
Proteins Chicken, lean beef, white fish, lobster, shrimp, crab
Beverages Coffee, tea, herbal tea, apple cider vinegar (beverages with no sugar or artificial sweeteners)


Consequences of HCG diet:

1. Excess deduction of calories

This is the biggest consequence of the HCG diet because according to a healthy weight loss program, the calorie intake per day for men is 1800 and for women it is 1500, but according to this plan concludes the consumption of 500 calorie per day. Moreover, if this daily calorie intake goes down to 1200 then it can create some critical health issues like diarrhea or constipation.

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2. Inconvenient for vegetarians

The maximum sources in the category of protein diet plan are non-vegetarian in the diet plan, which may be tricky for those, who rely on the vegan diet. This clearly predicts that this diet plan is not for vegetarians though, some dieticians suggest to consume low-fat milk instead of these non-vegetarian edibles to balance the protein intake.

3. More complex than ordinary diet plans

It is not so easy to count your calorie intake randomly even when you are on a diet plan to shed excess weight, but a person on HCG diet needs to be aware of his calorie consumption and the weight loss rate. the person should mind the portion or the amount of food during this diet. All these things make the HCG diet plan trickier to follow.
I hope this information is useful to you and you can make your own decision of switching to HCG diet for weight loss.


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