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Astro health predictions — Sep 5th week (2017)


If you are a workaholic, you need to bring a drastic change in your food habits as you are catching troubles related to your digestive system more often. Too much of late night working is causing a havoc to your health. Learn to say ‘No’ to late night work and give preference to your health. Others will enjoy good health.


This week luck will not favor you. You are likely to fall ill. The planetary positions are not favorable. Hence, remain very much careful about a health issue. Don’t delay even minor issue pertaining to your health. To maintain a good all round health practice yoga and pranayama. A healthy diet will be beneficial.


There will certain issues you will have to tackle in health. The stars in your Natal chart are likely to spell some trouble for you. You are cautioned to remain watchful and avoid extreme climates and outside food. Don’t let the stress at work affect your health. Even something that seems to be minor must be attended to.


Those with a weak digestive system will have some nagging issues. Your digestive system seems to be feeble. Take due measures to keep an effective check on your food habits. Do not let stress at work take a toll on your health. Have healthy eating habits and exercise regularly.


In matters of health, you will not be satisfied with your health condition. You will have some minor ailments not ready to leave you so soon. Take precautions lest the issue escalate. There is nothing to be so grave about it. Your planet will heal you soon and you will find yourself back in shape.


Influence of Saturn over Mars and Sun posited in the eighth house, can lead to a problem related to health. There are some possibilities of a surgery on lower part of the body. Don’t be lenient towards minor issues like a cough and cold. Consult a good medical service center. If needed you must take some rest.


Health wise a not so sound and healthy week is in store. There will be some unexpected health issue catching up with you. Consult a good medical person and get the treatment immediately. Stay healthy by performing Yoga and pranayama. Balance your work and family life in the right way.


Those who are having diabetes must be watchful as the planetary positions here indicate possible trouble for you. Follow strictly the diet instructions of your physician. A daily walk is recommended for you. For others, it will be a healthy week and you will feel pretty energetic. Continuous yoga and workout will be beneficial to you.



With Sun being afflicted by Saturn, your immunity level will decrease. This can bring in an attack of viral infection, though on a smaller scale. No matter how minor it will be, you must treat the same very promptly. Stay healthy by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Yoga is advised for you.


Planetary positions here indicate possible trouble for the diabetic. You need to strictly avoid eatables and drinks with a high sugar content. Have a regular check up to become aware of variations. Others will enjoy sound health of the body and mind. Maintain your good health by regular exercise and meditation.


Fortunately, there is no major threat to your physical well-being. Your regularity in maintaining your diet and regular exercise seems to pay off rich dividends in the form of good health. Only those suffering from a high sugar level need to continue with the strict regime. Avoid stress and losing your temper.


You will enjoy good health as you will find the right health care providers and treatment protocols to promote your well-being and absolute happiness. As there is no serious threat to your health, you can put in your hundred percent in work. The results will be encouraging. Join a gym to keep your good health going.

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Published: September 25, 2017 12:02 pm

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