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Dieting: A Motivational Exercise

It is often heard and more common with females that they are short tempered, easily reactive or simply depressed because they belong to that obese category. Have you gone through that phase when your old cloths does not fit and you really feel demotivated every time you see yourself in the mirror? Yes I agree it happens a lot when you continuously dream about yourself and often get jealous with those fashion models who have an hour glass figure. So, let us accept this honestly that we are not jealous of them because they have those smart curves but we are jealous because we rather have tiers instead of those curves. If I will ask that who does not want a curvy cute figure then the answer would be “0” but the question is “How” like how can one achieve that cool figure with sharp curves? So here is a straight forward answer that the most important thing for obtaining what you wonder for is the “will” to achieve it making a target for the goal with dieting, a motivational exercise.

These may sound just as simple words but yes it is the truth. It is only possible if you wish to do so. However, it happens sometimes that in spite of giving the hardest hard of efforts, one sometimes fail to achieve the most loving desire. Then comes the stage when you completely feel demotivated and hopeless. This had happened to me when in spite giving 3 to 4 hours in gym, I was unable to fluctuate my weight. Then came the motivational spirit. I started dieting along with the work out and this time it worked. I reduced 10 pound by just avoiding few extra calories.

What is the concept of Dieting?

I would like to explain this with a simple and straightforward example. Just wonder that you have a bank account and you have deposited some money which is like a saving for you. Now, if you deposit more the amount will increase, if you take out some the amount will decrease and if you deposit and take out the amount at the same time. It will be equalized. Same is the case with your body. Your body is the bank account and fat consumption is equal to money. If you deposit more means if you consume more fat, you will gain, if you take out means if you work out then you reduce. Now, pay attention to this one that if you reduce means workout and intake means that you do not follow any diet plan then you gain and loose at the same time. This means you are making efforts for maintaining and not for reducing.

So, dieting is necessary along with the workout and exercise. Secondly, Dieting gives you the motivation to fight obesity but still I would like to say that you should love yourself and should never get demotivated because of all these things. After all it is life. Never lose hope and try to stay fit and someday you will definitely achieve those hourglass curves with a pinch of smoothness in your schedule.

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