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Easy Tips to Help You Lose Weight at Work

Have you ever thought about some easy tips which helps to reduce extra belly fat to your body? All day sitting at the desk generates havoc in your body also gaining weight at work and that is the reason why most of the working people who comes under the same industry of continuous sitting work are more prone for gaining weight. May be you all not be aware of the fact that cholesterol level decreases up to 20% and risk of diabetes develops after a couple of hours of sitting itself. That is the reason that women are recommended to take business calls standing up and this helps to burn at least 50% of more calories in spite of sitting all day. Apart from this, stress is one of the major facts for gaining unnecessarily and it is a proven fact that rather than gaining from lunch, snacking harms more in terms of gaining fat and calories.

Keeping in consideration some easy tips for all these common problems. Here are some of the easy tips that can actually help you to reduce or cut off more than half of calorie consumption. Here is a list of some do’s and don’ts for reducing calorie intake.


  1. Healthy Snacks
    In spite of having those pizzas, biscuits and snacks loaded with extra calories, try to switch to some light and healthy snacks. Rather you can also choose almonds for snacking, dark chocolates or you can also opt for some soya snacks. Soya snacks are less in calories, good for health and keep your tummy filled for a longer time that helps to avoid intake of some reloaded extra calorie snacks for filling hunger gaps.
  2. Green Tea
    Swap off your caffeinated immunity booster coffee with a cup of healthy green tea. Green Tea is filled with the cold busting properties. Green Tea is calorie free, caffeine free, increases metabolism and lose weight at work also reduces body fat replacing all the harm of extra caffeine of tea coffee with all the healthy benefits.
  3. A Bowl of Fruit
    For mid meal hunger, you can carry some fruits in your bag and you can even have a bowl of fruit before the actual meals. Studies show that this sometimes helps to shed pounds helping the one to stimulate appetite. This means it helps to reduce hunger and cravings for major meals and snacking around unnecessary.
  4. Gum
    Chewing gum is one of the known facts that help to defuse stress. In recent studies, it was found that gum chewers had salivary cortisol resulting in releasing steroid hormone which helps to reduce weight. There is a connection between cortisol levels and storage of body fat, particularly which includes abdominal fat. So, chewing a gum definitely helps in reducing weight.
  5. Orange
    Orange helps to relax as vitamin C actually helps to reduce the production of stress hormones.

easy tips for losing weight

  1. Diet soda or Diet Soft drinks
    You should never misinterpret the word “diet” or by the calorie-free label. Diet soda can be linked to gaining weight and can even harm you more. Researchers concluded easy tips for people who drank two or more diet sodas a day had bigger waist sizes. If you need more convincing, diet soda is also linked to an increased risk of stroke, and having more than one soda a day may increase risk of type 2 diabetes for you.
  2. Baked potato chips
    Baked chips denotes healthy chips! right? No! That’s like saying diet soda is a healthy beverage. The word “baked” makes consumers believe they are doing something good for their bodies when choosing between regular or baked chips options. Definitely, 1 ounce of baked potato chips may have 14 percent lesser calories and 50 percent less fat than regular chips. However, baked chips are highly processed when compared to their regular counterpart and contain high levels of the cancer-causing chemical acrylamide, which develops when the potatoes are heated to high temperature.
  3. Energy shots
    There is a great deal of side effects that one must consider while taking energy shots. Just to name a few: nervousness, mood swings, and insomnia. Also concerning is that energy shots are marketed as dietary supplements but they do not require FDA approval before hitting the market. It is acceptable that lot of people need a “boost,” but you don’t need to take an energy shot to keep yourself awaken. In fact, one of the best energy enhancers is water. Water is a natural booster that helps to maintain the energy. A hydrated body is an energized body!

If few easy tips when taken in consideration can lead to huge benefits. Similarly, little concern towards your health while you busy and hectic schedules can be highly beneficial for you.

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