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Healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss

Every effort seems priceless after accomplishing the desired outcome and the same goes for a weight loss plan. Pursuing the right planning is much more important than relying on a long list of weight loss and dieting tips especially when you are planning to shed excess weight. In order to receive a compelling result of healthy diet plan for weight loss, you need to adopt a habit to have healthy breakfast which consists of protein, fiber and low-fat food (usually considered as healthy weight loss food). Here are some healthy breakfast ideas to reduce weight fast and effortlessly:

1. Spinach Omelet with a hint of cheese


Yes, you read it right! An Omelet breakfast is healthy, but a spinach breakfast would be even healthier and moreover, there is a perception about spinach that it can ruin the taste of food which is a complete myth.

Mix pieces of spinach in egg along with some spices to add flavor and then bake it well. Sprinkle some grated cheese on it and have this filling breakfast to prevent cravings all day long.

OmeletImage Source

2. Only green tea as the morning tea

A rigid habit to have morning tea is indeed an obstacle in obtaining a toned body so simply replace your tea with a refreshing green tea. The herbal tea is as a great stimulant like an ordinary tea or coffee, but is packed with more benefits to health.

Many people do not like the taste of green tea, in this case lemon tea is the best alternative for consuming as a morning beverage. Instead of adding milk to your ordinary tea, pour some drops of lemon to have an energizing drink.

3. Fresh fruit juices with no added sugars

How do you get assures about the sugar content in tetra pack juices available in the market? Well, to meet your aim of a slim and slender body faster, you will have to stick to organic foods.

You have no idea about the added sugar in the packaged juices, but you can have fresh fruit juice at home without adding sugar in it.

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4. Greek yogurt with fiber rich edibles

Greek yogurt is one of the most efficient foods for weight loss and is commonly seen in various diet charts. Now, you can see how beneficial it will be to consume greek yogurt in the breakfast.

Take a handful of raspberries and slices of apple in a bowl and then add 4-5 tablespoon of greek yogurt and mix properly. Now enjoy your fruity breakfast with a cup of green tea.

5. Vegetable wheat wrap with water-rich foods

A filling wrap containing water-rich foods and resistant starch is the best option to have in breakfast to prevent frequent temptations for food. Fill a slightly baked wheat wrap (make sure that the wrap is baked in olive oil because olive oil is rather healthier than other oils) with pieces of avocado, tomato and cucumber. Now place a layer of scrambled egg over vegetables and close the wrap.

6. Filling fiber-rich banana toast

Have you ever tried to add fruits in toasts? If not then this is a must try. Take brown bread and apply a nut butter over it(almond or peanut butter), now cut thin pieces of banana and keep them on the layer of butter and close the filling with another bread.

7. Sweetened brown rice with fruit slices

You might not have used brown rice in breakfast before. Boil the rice one night before and then use them in the next morning for breakfast. Add low-fat milk and small pieces of raspberry and pineapple in it. With a hint of peanut butter and plain yogurt, you can have your amazing breakfast for healthy weight loss.

8. The “fruit-ful” smoothie

usually, smoothies are rich in fats and sugar, but you can make your own healthy smoothie at home with no such efforts.

Mix pieces of banana and strawberries and blend them in a bowl. Now add plain yogurt and crushed ice in the fruity mixture and stir properly. You can add nuts in it as per your choice to make it more gracious.

9. Delicious corn flakes breakfast

Corn flakes can be delicious too! Pouring milk in corn flakes is a common way to eat corn flakes, so you can add your favorite flavours to enhance its taste.

Cut some fresh strawberries and blueberries to mix in corn flakes. Now add low-fat milk and sprinkle some crushed walnuts over it. The colorful and tasty corn flakes are ready.  

Corn Flakes (2)Image Source

10. Cordial combination of yogurt and dark chocolates

When you do not feel hungry in the morning, you can have the breakfast, which is healthy and light to your stomach too because skipping breakfast is never a good idea. Dark chocolates being high in antioxidants make a worthy pair with calcium-rich yogurt.


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