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Healthy chicken recipe– Low-calorie poached chicken

Since chicken is already lean, you might think that no matter how you cook it, it will always be healthy. In reality, the cooking method you use to prepare chicken can make a huge difference in the number of calories and fat that adds up to your plate. You must be thinking that grilling is the best way to cook chicken, but according to nutritionist Aditi Rampal poaching chicken can yield healthier results. Not sure how you can do it? It is similar to the way how you poach eggs.


  • All you will need is some chicken and some hot water.


  • Just bring the water to a boil in a saucepan and reducing the flame to low while carefully dropping the chicken into the pan. (The amount of water you add depends on how much chicken and which part of the meat you are cooking. For example, chicken breasts can take longer to cook).
  • You need to simmer until the chicken is cooked through.

Since you are not introducing any other ingredient to the chicken, it automatically contains fewer calories. Just 100g of chicken will contain around 120 calories and 1.4g fat. However, if you want to add some flavour to your dish, you can make a few adjustments. You can add lots of fresh herbs, spices and veggies. Here are 5 extremely healthy ways to cook your food.

Is sautéing chicken equally healthy?
You may think sautéing chicken is a healthy approach. But you need to add some fat to cook the chicken to ensure that it does not stick to the dish. You can cut down on the fat you are adding by sautéing chicken in a quality pan. Also, as long as you are not adding a hefty amount of butter and cream to the meal, you will end up with a healthy meal. If you want your chicken to be crispy without weighing down your dish with calories, you can first sauté the chicken on the stove over medium heat and then cook it in the oven. Also, try these 8 healthy and easy chicken recipes.

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