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How to know if your atta or wheat flour is pure

Wheat flour or atta is like a must-have in every Indian kitchen. And for a good reason, whole wheat flour is rich in vitamins B1, B3 and B5 and contains lots of fibre. Plus, wheat flour has a low glycemic index which means it is ideal for people with diabetes. However, with everything adulterated in the market including grains, it can be difficult to pick the purest form of wheat flour or atta. Wheat flour is often diluted with boric powder, chalk powder and sometimes maida. Here’s how you can check for adulteration according to nutritionist Karishma Chawla.

  • Wheat flour is often adulterated with pebble straw, dust, weed seeds and damaged grains. Visual examination can help you distinguish between grains and adulterants.
  • Do not pick the flour if you notice more wheat bran than wheat itself. To test the adulteration, you can simply sprinkle some flour in a glass of water and check if the bran floats on the top.
  • Sometimes wheat flour is also adulterated with chalk powder. You can check for the presence of chalk powder by adding some dilute hydrochloric acid to the grain sample in a test tube. Chalk powder is present if you notice effervescence.

While these are some of the preliminary ways to check for adulteration in wheat flour or atta, you can get your grain tested by a lab analyst at your own expense. You can check with these simple tests for adulteration in your spices. 

Go for stone grinders

Commercial grinding mills not only remove the grain, bran and germ during manufacture but also add preservatives, which further deteriorates the nutritive value of the flour. All this deprives the flour of all the potent nutrition. The solution is just to go back to the basics. Yes, stone grinders are the key. They grind the entire grain so that you get the wholesome, hearty whole wheat flour with the magical ingredients of bran and germ. Also read, wheat chapatis or bajra roti, oats or ragi, quinoa or brown rice? — what’s better for weight loss.

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