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How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

The joy of baby birth is always accompanied by worries of extra weight that one gains through pregnancy. Almost all mothers, soon after the pregnancy starts discussing about the ways through which they can shed their baby weight as soon as possible. Some of them even plan beforehand, during their pregnancy period itself. They do research and consult experts so that they can get rid of their weight and could look beautiful and confident as they use to.The most important questions that strikes to new moms is this how fast and how safely they can shed of their weight. Foremost factor involved in this concern are,

Pre-pregnancy weight- You may have to face tough time in trying to lose weight fast if your pre-pregnancy weight was more than normal. If you suffered with obesity before pregnancy that means during pregnancy you added further to your already over-weight body. This makes your case little complicated you have to work diligently and religiously to shed extra weight from your body.

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Diet taken during pregnancy

Most moms tend to eat what they crave for during their pregnancy, whether it is junk or healthy, high-calorie or low calorie. There is a misconception that one can eat anything during pregnancy because in any case body weight will go up.
But actually if you do not pay attention on kind of food you are taking than you end up eating all kind of high-calorie food which adds extra kilos to your body, which you may find difficult to shed after pregnancy.

How to lose pregnancy weight

1. Breast feed

Everybody knows Mother’s milk is the best nourishment for baby. It is a complete food for baby packed with all essential nutrients and is easy to digest. It boosts the immunity of baby and prevents him from many infections. With all these benefits breastfeeding is also helpful in shedding weight. It is proven through research that those mothers who breastfed their babies were able to reduce weight faster than other who did not. When a mother breastfeeds her baby certain amount of energy is required and this energy is obtained by deposited fat from the body, resulting in weight lose.

2. Don’t diet

After pregnancy your body requires good nutrition to cope with the lose that happens during child birth. One may be tempted to go at once for a weight lose program and would like to opt for dieting, but it is not a good option. Going on a strict diet plan may make you nutrition deficit, your energy levels may drop, and you may feel irritated and suffer with mood swings. Rather than this plan your diet, include fiber rich food, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and low-fat skimmed milk products.

3. Practice Yoga and meditation

Life after child birth changes tremendously after child birth, you may not be able to schedule yourself for a gym routine. Its better to go for other options like yoga and meditation which can be easily done at home. They will not only boost your metabolic rate but also provide you inner strength to cope up with post pregnancy stress. Fifteen to twenty minutes of simple yoga and meditation practice will work wonderfully and you will be able to get back in your original body shape.

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4. Hydrate yourself

Drinking plenty of liquids will hydrate you and also cut down on your need of eating. Liquids fills up and eliminates our need of eating more. Some research has found that intake of liquids also boosts metabolic rate.

5. Enjoy your new life

Birth of a baby is a beginning of new life for mother. A lady’s life changes completely and she struggles with disturbing sleep schedule, certain health issues and of course she worries about the body weight and shape. At the same time baby delights her. New moms can make use their time in doing little chores of their babies, bathing and dressing them, preparing their meals, taking them outside etc. These all activities will make them active and will help them to shed weight.

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Weight loss is a gradual process; you should be patient and should work consistently to achieve your goal. If you feel you need some expert advice do not hesitate to consult a dietician and an exercise expert, who can guide you according to your body need. It is not only important to lose weight but it is more important to lose weight safely. You should not be in haste to go for rigorous exercise schedule and strict dieting. Plan carefully your post pregnancy schedule and merge your weight lose regimes with baby’s routine so that you lose weight enjoying with your baby.

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