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How to losing weight fast without exercise in a week

It is not easy to lose weight. It is a process, which needs dedication, will power, patience, passion, and positive attitude. People gain weight usually due to junk foods as (like) pizzas, burgers, cold drink, pasta and so on (or due to some or the other medical issue).

Recent study from researchers shows that youngsters are more addicted to fast food, which is not good for health (unhealthy). Children like junk food as its tasty enough but they do not know about their effects on body (unaware of its harmful effects). Junk food does not digest easily and damage our liver. Most of the time people face problem like food poison, stomach pain and so on.


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The best solution is to avoid junk food as much as possible. Now-days every second person is habitual of junk food in many ways. This is the reason why people gain weight. we usually have a lot of crapy food unnecessarily but in our busy schedules, we forget to take out time for our health. We never do proper excercise or workout or we can say, that we don’t have enough time to do so. So, we need to make some modifications in our daily routine to obtain the desired health and body.

Here we some tips which could help you to losing weight in a week without any die hard workout. There (these) are the solutions to losing weight without exercise:

1. Keep a Journal

One of the best ways to lose weight in a week is keeping a journal. What you are eating throughout the day, write it down in a notepad. Many people do not think it is as effective as it really is. It only takes a while. Write down your goals in this journal and increase your chances towards success.

2. Drink Water

Water plays a vital role in reducing weight. We should drink at least ten glass of water daily. The power way to lose weight fast is taking water before and after meals. It not only has zero calories but also keeps you full (filled). Before a meal, taking (having) a tall (large) glass of water will prevent you from over eating. Drinking water also reduces many diseases in body and keep you fit all time. (drinking water also improves your immunity decreasing the chances of diseases making you fit and keeping you healthy always.

3. Count Calories

Learning to count calories is as effective as journal. We must know what to eat and what not to eat. Writing down a calorie intake limit for each day will help us to reach our goal. And by writing down we are aware of taking junk in each day. (we become aware of the calorie intake per day and also we schedule and restrict our self from over intake.

4.  Cut out carbohydrate

Cutting out all carbohydrates for a week will definitely help you to reduce weight fast. It is not easy to adjust a carbohydrate diet (with a diet, without carbs). It can be stressful and hard to manage at times but It will benefit you in at the end. Cutting carbohydrate means everything(nothing), no starch, no fruits, no refined sugars. Protein would be the key. By controlling carbohydrate I lost (reduced) 4 Kg in 2 weeks. This is not an effective long term weight loss strategy, but it will help you lose weight in a week.6200529358_343414149d_o

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5. Eat Smaller Portions

Eating smaller portion is proven to reduce weight instead of taking a big plate. Avoid potatoes, rice and pastas. Focus on more vegetables and meats (fruits) . You can never go wrong with extra vegetables (veggies). Eat less but eat frequently at regular intervals.

6. Eat a Filling Breakfast

Most people do mistake by skipping breakfast. It is the vital meal of the day. This does not mean taking heavy breakfast and going for extra pancakes. Eating a fulfilling and healthy breakfast will control your hunger. A breakfast must be filled with protein. Eating a healthy breakfast will motivate you to eat healthy keeping you active all day.

7. Sleep

When we are tired we tend to eat more. When it comes to impulses a tired brain is hard to control. A good sleep is important for keeping you fit. A person should sleep properly for at-least 7-8 hours at night.


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This is the solution to lose weight in a week. We need to follow all above steps to reduce weight in a week. Sometimes all it takes is a little adjustment to our daily routine to help weight loss goal.

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