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Flat Tummy – How to start up with the Crash Diet

Are you one of those people who always realize their obesity on some occasion or if you get some invitation for any event. What comes first to your mind then is a thought to get fit in the dress you bought last year when you were having slim abs. Then you wish to either get fit in the dress or reduce some weight to obtain flat tummy again. So here is the most effective diet plan that helps you to get absolutely awesome figure in a couple of weeks or even days.

There are many diet plans available on net, in gyms or many other plans offered by the dieticians.  To list a few, there are normal diet plans, fruit diet, salad diet or often diet plans as per your body or blood group. Here comes the most effective diet plan that is Crash Diet plan may work for anyone and will definitely help you to make flat tummy, at least it always works for me.

Few easy tips for flat tummy are listed here:

What is crash diet and how it works?

You may have a question bouncing in your mind that what is crash diet and how can it help you to reduce weight? Here is the answer; Crash diet is actually scheduling the diet via days and not by food. Here I have also described the schedule of crash diet. Having a diet like this helps you to burn more fat enabling you to drop weight instantly as it is a diet plan for just a week.

Crash diet schedule/ Schedule for Crash Diet

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Day 1: Only fruits

You just have to eat fruits on day 1 except banana, mango and other over sweet fruits.

Day 2: Only vegetables

You should have green vegetables on day 2 specifically Broccoli and lettuce

Day 3: Fruits and Vegetables

Day is easy that day 1 and 2 as you can have both fruits and vegetables.

Day 4: Banana and Milk

On day 4 you should have 2 bananas and a glass of milk on 3 mail course meals of the day.

Day 5: Rice and Tomato

You can have rice and tomato on day 5, if you don’t like you can squash tomatoes in rice and that tastes a bit better.

Day 6: Rice and vegetables

Rice and vegetables are good to handle as you can have salad as well green veggies with rice.

Day 7: Rice, Fruits and Vegetables

The last day is the easiest to handle, day 7 you will not be feeling hungry and cravings for frequent intervals.

This plan definitely works for flat tummy but only if you stay loyal with yourself and do not have little bites. You can have plenty of water and if you get distracted due to hunger or anything else you should stick to it by thinking that why you actually started? One more thing which always helps me to avoid extra fats is the thought it is for just a week and I can control myself and the next one is the best reason to stay with is the thought of compliments by others that I will be getting on the occasion when I will looking stunning in my favorite cocktail gown.

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