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Liquid diet and weight loss

Besides achieving a slim and slender body, weight loss is a gateway to healthy and contented life. Just like a low-calorie diet plan and a workout routine, detoxification is also a key factor in burning calories. You can combine antioxidant enriched drinks in your rapid weight loss diet to detoxify the entire body or you can switch to the liquid diet. A liquid diet is the quickest way to reduce the calorie intake per day and shed extra weight effectively. There are different opinions about the liquid diet due to the existing fallacies about the outcomes of this diet.

Does the liquid diet work? When to go for liquid diets? Is this diet healthy and safe? All these questions will be answered here.

Liquid diet

It is clear from the name that the diet includes nutritious drinks, fruit juices, vegetable juices or soups and light homemade smoothies. The variation in plans is the only similarity between a liquid diet and an ordinary diet; otherwise the list of foods is completely dissimilar in both diets though some beverages might be common in these diets. Some liquid diet plans allow the intake of low-calorie snacks with healthy drinks, whereas some of the plans contain liquids throughout the day and then dinner at night.

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Generally, doctors prescribe the liquid diet to obese people to enhance the conditions of their body for weight loss.

Role of Liquid diets in losing weight

This is the biggest misconception about the liquid diet that it is not effective in losing weight. In fact, it is supposed to be more efficient than a regular diet for weight loss according to those people who have successfully managed to reduce weight with the help of the liquid diet.

The liquid diet naturally minimizes the daily calorie consumption, but the results of this diet differ from person to person. Do not switch to this diet just because your friend lost weight through liquid diet or you have read the positive reviews of liquid diet in a fitness magazine.

If you want to go on a liquid diet, then you must consult your doctor because only your doctor will let you know if the diet is suitable for your body or not as there are many consequences of this diet.

Liquid Diet

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Moreover the longevity of diet’s results may also be at variance because sudden changes in your calorie consumption will drastically affect the metabolic rate and after getting into shape if you return to the old eating habits, you will possibly regain your weight. In order to make your weight loss diet plan successful, you need to bring steadiness in your diet.

The liquid diet is also considered as a low-calorie diet because it hardly contains carbohydrates and fibers; In fact, a liquid diet does not guarantee to have all essential nutrients in it. Lack of nutrients, especially… during a weight loss program, may cause severe side effects like gallstones, dizziness and heart diseases. Other than this, the deficiency of other crucial nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and healthy fatty acids results in constipation, muscle cramp and other health issues.


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You should not consider the liquid diet if:

  • You are diabetic. A diabetes patient should never switch to the liquid diet plan because the sugar level of the body becomes inconstant in diabetes and liquid diet would aggravate the condition.
  • You are pregnant. Usually, dieticians suggest that a pregnant woman is not supposed to be on any sort of diet as deficiency of iron and folic acid can badly affect the embryo.
  • You are on a medicinal treatment. During medical treatments, doctors suggest the patient to avoid harsh weight loss diet plans for preventing any failure of the treatment.

When it comes to weight loss plan, keep it simple and healthy.

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