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Quickest ways to lose weight

Weight loss is like an investment, in which you invest your time, dieting and workout efforts to obtain a slim and slender body. But, why so many people complain about the failure of their efforts? Is it really tricky to shed extra calories, once you have lost your shape? Well, actually it is procrastination which is the prime cause for the downfall of your earnest weight loss efforts. No matter how strict weight loss plans you follow or how effective ideas you apply, you need dedication for your weight loss schemes if you want to shed extra calories quickly. Here are some quick weight loss tips:

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1. Protein-rich breakfast

You might have heard that having the healthy breakfast keeps your stomach full all day long. Similarly, the breakfast shall be considered healthy if and only if it contains proteins and whole grains. Protein is a necessity in breakfast to keep you fresh and fine all day long whereas, whole grains prevent sudden cravings between meals.

2. 20 minutes of running

The daily workout with a healthy diet plan is a prominent way to boost your calorie burn, then running is the best thing you can do with your weight loss regime. Make sure, you spend at least 20 minutes in running every morning to raise your calorie burn. It is the most effective way to shed weight according to the experts.

3. No meal after sunset

Moderation and abstinence are the keys to meet the desired target and so is with a healthy weight loss regimen. Besides restricting high-calorie foods and edibles containing sugar, make a habit of skipping meals after sunset. Though, this is not compulsory to bookmark sunset time and you can limit it to 7 PM or 8 PM. It is essential to keep up a gap of at least 2 hours between the dinner and sleep.

4. Fruits during work

This trick has been found for working people who suffer from cravings during work. the most manageable way to prevent this, you can store some fruits on your desk instead of snacks, candies and chocolates.

5. An unpeeled apple every day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away from you, but have you ever noticed how much an unpeeled apple can do for you? In some scientific surveys, it has been proven that eating an apple without peeling can help you in reducing the weight.


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6. Desserts Occassionaly

There is no particular norm about sweets and desserts, but setting the time and quantity limits can make it happen. You just make up your mind that you will eat desserts and other such high-calorie foods on special occasion or weekends only. In this way, you will not only shed excess calories but also enjoy the weekends more efficiently.

7. Pause smoking and lower caffeine

When you are a track to lose weight, you will have to do it. As I have mentioned above that evasion in any way would surely ruin your weight loss plans, then why to compromise with it? At least for a while, skip the habit of smoking and try to decrease the consumption of caffeine, though it is a valuable idea not to start the smoking again.

8. Utilize favorite playlist

Who does not like music? You will get surprised to know this, but music can also give its contribution in reducing weight effectively. Make a list of all your favorite songs, download them and store in your iPod. Now listen to your favorite songs during the workout. According to scientific studies, listening to favorite music during exercise does not let you feel the fatigue soon.

9. Vegetable consumption

You can use different ways to consume as many vegetables as your body needs. The trick is to choose the food which has the greatest quantity of vegetables. For example, you can go for a pizza with vegetable topping instead of extra cheese.

10. Analyze and supervise salt intake

An adult should consume around 2400 mg per day which is equal to a teaspoon. This is because salt has sodium in it and sodium after mixing with water may tend to bloat.

11. Alternative of chocolates

We understand that there is no alternative for chocolates obviously, but you can bring a difference by consuming the chocolates in another way. Instead of eating thick and high-calorie chocolate bars, you may take chocolate drinks.

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12. Antioxidant intake

You can get loads of the information over the internet on the advantages of antioxidants for the human body. Antioxidants fight free radicals and thus, balance metabolic rate which leads to a healthy digestive system and active brain. Green tea and honey are one of the richest sources of antioxidants.

Losing weight is neither too complicated nor facile. It is not about applying the best or most recommended tips and hacks of weight loss, it is about implementing these habits in your routine.

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