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Revealed — Calories in street foods of India

India is a land of a plethora of street foods. It is almost impossible to find an Indian who does not relish eating the gol gappas, chaats, pav bhajis and kebabs from local vendors. However, these delicious goodies are overladen with calories that can contribute to weight gain. To make you aware, here is a list of the calorie counts of the most common street foods of India. You may also want to know the calorie count of common Indian desserts.

  • Bhel puri: 1 bowl = 175.9 cal
  • Gol gappe/Pani puri: 6 pieces = 166.4 cal
  • Pav bhaji: 1 plate (2 pav) = 501.5 cal
  • Chicken kabab: 2 pieces = 217 cal
  • Papri chaat: 10 pieces = 224.9 cal
  • Samosa: 1 piece = 245.9 cal
  • Vada pav: 1 piece = 286.4 cal
  • Litti: 1 piece = 62.4 cal
  • Jalebi: 1 piece = 88.8 cal
  • Aloo tikki: 2 pieces = 321.1 cal
  • Kachori: 2 pieces = 496.6 cal
  • Dabeli: 1 piece = 211.4 cal
  • Kesar pista kulfi: 1 bowl = 126.6 cal
  • Chicken momos: 1 piece = 38.9 cal
  • Idli sambhar: 1 plate = 176.3 cal
  • Chole bhature: 1 plate = 286.9 cal
  • Egg roll: 1 roll = 152.9 cal
  • Pakora: 8 pieces = 181.8 cal

These calories are calculated using HealthifyMe Calorie Counter, the world’s first Indian nutrition tracker. 

These high calorie meals are also loaded with cholesterol, fat and sugar, which can lead to obesity and cardiovascular health problems. To increase shelf life, street foods are loaded with salt that can have negative effects on your blood pressure. As most street foods are fried, they contain fewer numbers of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They also contain a high amount of trans fat that can block your arteries and lead to diabetes. Further, almost all street foods have their main ingredient as refined flour or maida, which is high in glycemic index that can cause spikes in your blood sugar levels.


  • Even though these foods have many harmful side effects, you can still have them by making a few healthy changes. The best you can do is, prepare them at home with healthy ingredients. Here is a list of top Indian healthy foods.
  • The momos from North East India and idli sambhar from South India are healthier choices and they contain lesser number of calories.
  • Anything in excess can go against your health, so it’s best to consume street foods occasionally to not be a victim of its harmful effects.

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