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Tips to lose weight without hard core exercise

It is the aim of every single person out there especially the girls to stay in an attractive shape and size in certain stages of their life. This does not mean that they do not mind becoming overweight after they reach their forties it only means they want to be in their best during the teens and twenties. But due to some reasons or the other most of the people start gaining weight and this has become a normal thing.

Two very basic reasons behind weight gain in the early age are:

  • Sedentary lifestyle

As we all know, school, tuition,exercise, entertainment like smart phones, video games, television programmes, internet, computer and all these modern developments have somehow increased the standard of living but they have made the lives of the youth very, very inactive. No child of the present days is even bothered of going outside after school and playing a game of football or cricket with their friends. They simply want to rest watching some TV, or playing video games. And about the friends, they just have to do a bit of chat through whatsapp or facebook or many other social networking sites. This daily routine of them has made a drastic effect on them in terms of their body weight and many other modern diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, polycystic ovarian diseases, etc.

Lose Weight with hard core exercises

  • Stress and tension

Stress and tension is another big reason behind weight gain. According to doctors and other health care experts, stress hinders the amount and sleep timings thereby causing many health problems starting from weight gain to mental illness. The reason behind stress and tension is again the hectic schedule,lack of hard core exercise and the pressure and competition they get from the schools, parents and their counterparts.

Discussed above were two of the very basic reasons that accounts for weight gain. Now if the mentioned lifestyle continues then there is no need to be shocked or surprised when your weight keeps on increasing. Having said that, you cannot change what has been accepted by the society. Now to prevent from gaining weight and start suffering from multiple diseases, you need to make certain changes in your lifestyle. Some of these changes are:

  • Start fresh in the morning with a walk of 20 minutes. 20 minutes walk & exercise is not a difficult thing, just head towards a nearby park or a terrace and walk. The benefit of walking these 20 minutes will be immense.
  • Get a healthy breakfast that has lots of fruits and whole grains. Avoid processed and fatty food as much as you can. They might be tempting but they really damage your body.
  • Going to school or office, try to incorporate some healthy things here. Do not always opt for the easy way, if your school or office is nearer or in a walking distance, take your bicycle and not any other means of transportation. This will be both fun and good for you.
  • For lunch, take lots of vegetable and whole grains. White rice or breads fill your stomach but they full of harmful stuffs for your health. And most of all avoid oily and junk food. The same goes for diner to. Avoid oily and heavy food. Opt for a light meal especially at night. This will enable you to have a great start in the morning.
  • Once you are back from the office or school, you are really tired but still do not lay idle on your couch or sofa with your phone or on TV. Just try to be out there with your friends hanging out and do some exercise again for even half an hour. This is how you can make a change in your life.
  • After all these, head towards the bed as early as you can. You need a sleep of minimum 6 to 7 hours and this is the only way you will stay healthy and energetic.

These were some of the ways to spend you daily life in a better manner. If the steps are followed, there are less chances of gaining weights and other unwanted diseases and most of all you will not be compelled to do those heavy trainings and hard core exercise in later parts of your life.

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